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DATASEC Electronic GmbH

History 1991 - 2009


DATASEC Electronic GmbH was founded in Strausberg in 1991 and specialises in the business branches of data security, identification systems and security control systems.
Our successful company provides complete solutions for the application areas of entrance control, access control and time and attendance systems with contact-free identification.
DATASEC is a valuable partner in the development of security systems and their practical realisation.
Our range of products covers software and hardware as well as efficient tailor-made solutions to your problems.

The systems supplied by DATASEC are open systems which on the one hand continue to be developed during usage and can be expanded plus on the other can be integrated in systems from other manufacturers.

On the basis of cutting edge technology DATASEC offers customer-specific solutions in the security and access field which are oriented to the respective interests and requirements of customers and partners.

The company maxim is to produce ideas and to then realise them in a professional way.


In each specific security solution DATASEC places great importance in developing customer-specific and efficient solutions which unite a high level of security and a series of economic advantages on the basis of the respective problem. In the area of sales DATASEC has close ties with specialist electronic dealers and electronic installation companies.

As well as own hardware and software, DATASEC also offers special system solutions from other manufacturers, which they included in their system range. DATASEC always focuses on the integrated system concept, the interaction between all the important detailed solutions for securing the site, building, vehicle access or individual doors. Security is achieved using access control (sometimes combined with biometric identification), automatic management systems for the issuing and return of keys and valuables, CCTV, guard control systems and perimeter surveillance. Our products meet all important internationally recognised quality norms and standards.


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