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Managing keys and valuables


proxSafe - solves your key problems!

Where is the digital camera? Who’s been using the company car? When was the technician last in the building? proxSafe is the intelligent management system for keys and objects of value that provides answers to your daily ‘key questions’ with the help of modern technology.

Manage your keys and objects of value

proxSafe provides optimum management for your vehicle fleet, your cameras, mobile phones and tools. proxSafe complements your access control system by providing a cost-effective way to expand your security management to doors still secured by conventional lock and key.

Flexible configurations to meet your current and future requirements

Whether you have a few or many keys – proxSafe provides a modular solution that is easily expandable. Each proxSafe maxx cabinet has 32 key positions, should more keys be required the system is simply extended by adding extra cabinets.

The most reliable identification technology

Your keys and valuable objects are securely attached to a durable electronic key tag by means of an easy to use, self locking, one time seal. Every key tag has a unique number that is identified when it is removed and returned to a cabinet. It is important that any management system accurately and reliably reports when keys are issued and returned.

That’s why the proxSafe designers chose to use a key tag without any electrical contacts. The use of a contact-less key tag avoids any problems of grease, dirt or contamination affecting the ability to read the key tag. This ensures that there is no doubt or confusion over exactly when the keys where taken and returned.

The contact-less concept also extends to the users who by using a chip based proximity card gain access to the system – fast, convenient and secure.

Cost effective management with proxSafe:

• Restrict access!
• Save money with improved resource management!
• More control and accountability!
• Save time!
• Secure property!
• Rapid return on investment!


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