The Symmetry Security Management Systems provides powerful integrated solutions for organizations requiring Access Control and Integrated Security.

Solutions are available for organizations of any size — from small offices requiring just a few card readers or cameras to large corporations and government agencies spread over multiple sites or countries.

With over 30.000 security systems installed worldwide, AMAG is one of the leading Access Control system manufacturers. They have over 30 years of experience in developing state of the art hardware and software systems to secure everything from your local store to protecting some of the highest security facilities in the world. If you need a scalable system that can grow as your organization grows, our systems can expand to handle an unlimited number of employees spread over hundreds of sites. Their systems are designed to grow in scale and complexity as your organization evolves.

AMAG maintains complete control over the design and manufacture of both the key hardware and software systems, which enables them to include features that may otherwise be difficult to implement, and to react quickly to customers’ requirements.

They are often told that Symmetry Software is the best as it is very carefully designed and is certified by Microsoft®.
AMAGs innovative, rapid development and forward thinking allows them to pioneer products at the forefront of the industry. Their products are designed with IT managers in mind, yet they are simple to learn, operate and install.

Their approach to system design is choice using an open and standards based architecture. Symmetry access control, digital video, identity management and intrusion systems integrate with the latest innovati ons on the market to provide you with the best options and choices. AMAG is always at the leadingedge of all security management technologies to bring you the latest technology straight into your building.

• Access Control
• Video Management
• Alarm Management
• Identity Management
• Intrusion Management
• Intercom Control
• Situational Awareness
• Visitor Management
• Threat Level Manager
• Workflow Designer
• Biometrics